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Kitchen Design Trends for 2020

Although the all-white kitchen will forever be in style, incorporating a bold focal point, natural elements or pops of color is becoming more and more popular with new designs and upgrades. Check out these 9 kitchen design trends for 2020:

1) Go Gray: Instead of opting for the all white kitchen, try the "all gray" kitchen. Gray is a timeless color that provides something different than all white or neutral would. Mixing different hues, such as a purple-gray, a green-gray, and a blue-gray can all work together to give your kitchen some depth.

2) Paint The Ceiling: If you have enough space for it, try a contrasting color on your ceiling. I wouldn't recommend this in smaller kitchens, as it will make the room appear smaller. Adding a fun color or even wood paneling will add a dramatic flair to your room.

3) Colorful Appliances: More retailers are offering appliances in a range of colors and finishes. Incorporating one colorful appliance in your neutral kitchen will add the personality and happiness that's trending in the new year!

4) Darker Floors: If your cabinets are light, go dark on the floors. The contrast will add a nice element to the space

5) Mismatched Kitchen Hardware: Your knobs and your faucet don't have to match! Choose a nice matte white or cool brass for your faucet, and a nickel for your knobs. Select something different for your lighting fixtures. Mixing & matching your hardware on a neutral palette will add some character.

6) Wallpaper: Ten years ago, the thought of wallpaper was unheard of! However, people have become more open to it within the last five years. If you don't want to use something as permanent as wallpaper, opt for a peel & stick paper that's extremely easy to remove. Choose a trendy design, something that speaks to your personality, or even something that mimics the look of tiling.

7) Natural Wood: Instead of staining or painting your wood, try showing it in its natural state. Incorporate a kitchen table or island, or even stools, in a grainy wood.

8) Open Shelves: These allow you to showcase your kitchenware and collectibles. If you're scared to add permanent pops of color, try purchasing dish-ware in a bold color to showcase on your open shelves.

9) Reclaimed Wood: The Industrial / Modern design aesthetic became very popular this year. Incorporating this style into your kitchen is for the brave! Adding reclaimed wood with industrial metal elements will give your kitchen a distinct style. Be sure it matches the rest of your home so it doesn't feel out of place!

2020 is the Year of the Kitchen!

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