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Modern Paint Colors & How to Use Them

Do you typically stick with a neutral or natural color palette? For those who want to add vibrance, energy and character to their spaces, try choosing one of these bold, modern colors to give your home that extra POP!

1) Sulfur Yellow, Behr - This intense shade of yellow will add a burst of energy to any room. Try painting a home office or exercise space. If doing the entire room is too much, start with just an accent wall.

2) Fade to Black, Portola Paints & Glazes - Black gives off a modern, masculine, sophisticated vibe. Opt for a faded tone so it has a warmer effect on the space, while still providing the boldness you're looking for.

3) Flamingo Feather, Behr - This peachy pink is the perfect color to make a space feel bigger and brighter. Use this in smaller spaces, as accent walls, or wherever you need a pick-me-up!

4) Cayenne, Sherwin-Williams - Fun? Check. Bold? Check. Vibrant? Check! This dark-orange shade has a hint of traditional red, yet still bold enough to be considered a modern tone.

5) Slate Teal, Benjamin Moore - Pair this color with your traditional neutral palette to add a bit of moodiness to your space. The vibrancy of this blue creates character and tells a story - giving off Moroccan vibes.

6) Courtyard Green, Benjamin Moore - Green is a natural color so pairs well with woods and other neutrals. Choosing a bold, bright hue, such as Courtyard Green, gives an upbeat energy to the space.

7) Hale Navy, Benjamin Moore - This shade of navy blue is chic, yet masculine; bold, yet soft. It pairs well with metal and textured accents.

8) Habanero Pepper, Benjamin Moore - This bright orange-pink tone, with a hint or red, is a youthful, playful color. Use this in space for children's rooms, play areas, or even half bathrooms to add a hint of vibrancy.

9) Buzz-In, Behr - Who doesn't love yellow? Yellow conveys happiness, energy and joy. Having this color be the first impression will give off a creative, confident and friendly energy. Bring the outdoors in by painting the inside of the door yellow as well, adding a dose of color to your entryway.

10) Exuberant Pink, Sherwin-Williams - Chic, feminine and vibrant, exuberant pink is the perfect accent color too ad a bit of glamour to your space. The pink creates an aesthetic that allows brighter colors, woods and metals to pop.

11) Pine Mountain, Behr - For a serene, peaceful ambiance, opt for accents of a muted color like Pine Mountain. This shade of green provides a tranquil, restful quality that also keeps the space light and airy.

12) Cyberspace, Sherwin-Williams - If you're not ready for a bright, daring color, try this dark gray shade. It gives off the boldness, without the vibrancy and pairs well with a neutral or white color palette.

13) King's Court, Behr - If you don't mind adding a bit of quirkiness to your space, King's Court is the perfect shade of purple. It's not too bright, but not dull. This muted tone gives you a bold effect while offering an eccentric vibe.

For a free color consultation, contact Boston Modern Staging & Design!

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