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New Eileen Fisher + West Elm Recycled Collection

Eileen Fisher and West Elm teamed up for a limited-edition collection that brings recycled EILEEN FISHER denim full circle for less waste and a longer product life cycle!

It's sustainable fashion for your home!

Each piece is one-of-a-kind, felted from denim and other fabric scraps from old clothing collections, for less impact on the environment and more impact on the world. Fisher describes the collection as each item being "like a little art piece."

Fishers ultimate goal for this collection is to fuel momentum for the sustainability movement. By partnering with West Elm, she hopes to inspire others around changing the way clothes and home furnishings are made, and how business is done.

"I like the idea of taking responsibility for all that we do, from the very seeds of the garments we make all the way through to their second and third lives."

-Eileen Fisher

Here are some pieces from the collection:

View all items and see more information from West Elm here.

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