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Organizing Your Home to De-Stress

The design of your home can seriously affect your state of mind. Your home should be a peaceful, relaxing place that you go to unwind after a long day. You shouldn't feel more stressed when you get there! However, we all know it's not easy to keep your home clean and clutter-free, especially if you're a working parent and/or constantly on the go. Making the conscious effort to organize your space can extend to other areas in your life, helping to reduce your overall stress levels.

The way you organize (or don't organize) can often create chaos that will add to your wellbeing. There are plenty of ways you can easily organize your home and create systems so it stays that way. It's time to de-stress your home! Here are some easy ways to get started:

1. Organize & Declutter: Visit The Container Store, grab some storage boxes and bins, and establish a place for everything in your home! If you're limited on space, use multi-functional furniture, such as a coffee table with built in drawers. Get rid of whatever you don't need or use. A general rule of thumb, if you haven't used it or thought about it in over two years, chances are, you don't need it! If you're not ready to part with it, however, put it in storage.

2. Colors: Choose hues of blues and greens, or soft neutrals, which have been proven to create a more relaxing Zen-like atmosphere. Think of your favorite spa, chances are, they opted for a light, neutral color scheme.

3. Simplify: Create symmetry in your home and simplify where you can. Make sure your frames and furniture are balanced. Stay away from too many textures or patterns. Choose one or two that you can mix and match, while staying on scheme. Store away any kitchen appliances that you don't regularly use.

4. Light It Up: Try to make the most out of the natural light that comes into your home. Use light curtains or linen shades and try to avoid blocking windows with furniture. Stay away from strong overhead lighting. If too bright, it can cause headaches and increase stress-levels. Go for lamps instead - desk, table or floor lamps work best. Use warmer, halogen light bulbs.

5. Freshen Up: Keep your home feeling and smelling fresh with air-fresheners, aromatherapy or candles. Use calming scents, such as lavender or vanilla.

6. Decorate: Find pieces of artwork to complement your design and decorate. Look for artwork with positive messages or quotes to keep you feeling happy and inspired! Whether it's a peaceful abstract design, or an empowering phrase, put some thought into what you're hanging on your wall.

7. Personalize: Don't be afraid to add some personal touches to your design! Gather your favorite photos of family members and loved ones and make a gallery wall. Print the images in black & white, or use thick borders to keep your theme simple and cohesive.

8. Go Green: Studies have shown that using plants and greenery as accent decor in your home is extremely soothing. Not only do plants purify the air and help with toxin, having natural aspects creates a relaxing, calming environment. Try low-maintenance plants, such as succulents, and/or nature-inspired textures and patterns.

9. Be Proactive: Create a list of what needs to be done and cross things off as you do them. Organizing your time will help you keep your space organized. Keep a journal of what causes clutter, and look for patterns. Create a system to be proactive about eliminating the mess before it happens!


Not sure how to get started? For help with organizing and de-cluttering, visit Flourish In Your Space for a free consultation with expert organizer and life coach, Diane Ryberg.

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