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Small-Space Design Ideas via HGTV

Just because your space may seem too small to decorate, doesn't mean you can't make the most of it. HGTV shares 11 Small-Space Design Ideas that will transform your areas into the functional, stylish spaces they're destined to be!

Boost Your Bookshelf

Not enough wall space to showcase your art? No problem. Add picture nails or removable adhesive strips to the front of bookshelves to display treasured pieces.

Let In the Light

Sometimes the answer to making a small space feel larger is by looking up. Consider adding skylights to dark and dated rooms to instantly make them feel more open and airy. Recessing the skylight into a custom-built wall, as seen here, will also make the room feel taller.

Consider Space-Saving Lighting

Maximize space in a small bedroom by installing pendant lighting above the nightstands. This frees up surface area for nighttime reads, and space to charge your phone, glasses or a nightcap.

Make It Work

No space for a workstation? No problem. Just swap the nightstand for a slim desk. Add a lamp and you've got everything you need, plus plenty of space for work or leisure surfing, just a few inches away.

No Headboard, No Problem

No space for a headboard? Upholster the wall instead. In this small-space bedroom, the wall behind the bed was upholstered with batting and tartan fabric to create the look of a massive headboard without taking up any valuable square footage.

Include the Kiddos

Even small outdoor spaces can be made to feel larger and more useful. This patio includes outside seating for little ones nestled between two planters. Using the space along the window for kids' seating frees up more space for adult seating and grilling needs.

Fake a Closet

Sometimes the answer to a lack of bedroom storage is to fake a closet altogether. In this attic bedroom, a pair of shelves was used to house hanging items while a long storage bench below keeps folded clothes neatly stored and hidden from view.

Mirror, Mirror on the Window

If you've run out of space for hanging a mirror in your bathroom, but you've got a window without a stellar view, why not hang the mirror in the window and save yourself some space? Here, a steel bracket was installed inside the window frame to allow for hanging a mirror and a pair of sconces. The window was frosted to camouflage the mirror and bracket from the outside.

Small Living Room, Maximized

This small living room was maximized by outfitting an entire wall with concealed storage for toys and tech needs, and choosing modular furniture that can be changed up again and again. The sofa is actually a sectional that can be split into a pair of loveseats. To illuminate the space, a trio of library sconces were integrated into the built-in, making the space feel brighter and more open.

Sneak In Bonus Sleep Space

Transform a lackluster corner into a daybed/bonus guest room on the fly with a twin or full mattress and frame. After fitting the mattress into a snug position, use framing materials to create a custom, built-in look that turns the formerly wasted space into a sophisticated nook for slumber.

Consider Clear Walls

Although they're costly, steel and glass partitions are an amazing way to make a small bathroom feel larger and brighter. By choosing glass instead of a pony wall or shower curtain, this entire room feels open and packed with light.

Wow With White

Give your cramped space an open and airy vibe by layering shades of white. This modest dining space feels much brighter thanks to the ultra white walls and Carrara marble table.

All Photos By: Rustic White Photography - View original article here.

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