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Staging or Designing Outdoor Decks and Rooftops

Boston Modern has been hard at work designing many outdoor roof decks around the city! Here are our top tips for staging / designing outdoor deck areas or rooftops:

  1. Clean The Space -- Before you start, be sure to clean the area. Remove dirt and sweep debris. You can even go as far as using a water sealant to protect the space from the sun and rain.

  2. Consider The Weather -- It's always a good idea to use all weather porch furniture. For warmer months, you can add in pops of color (by using throw pillows or plants), and in the cooler months, consider setting up a firepit. Be sure to follow safety guidelines if doing so. HGTV shares info on fire pits on wooden decks.

  3. Light It Up -- Decorate with string lights, add pendant lighting to the wall area, or add lighting along the railings.

  4. Have Enough Seating -- Will it primarily be you and your partner using the space? If so, a small table and chair will suffice. Will you be entertaining in this space? If so, you may want to consider a larger seating area - such as a 8 chair table or sectional sofa.

  5. Add Greenery -- You can spruce up any area by adding in plants and greenery! Some easy-care options include petunias, bacopa and sweet potato vine. Add a pergola for growing vines.

Seating Options

Lounge Options

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