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The 4 P's: The Most Influential Factors in Selling a Home

1. Presentation

As a homeowner you may be comfortable with outdated or cluttered furnishings and dark spaces, but to a potential buyer, your home needs to be inviting, warm, bright and appealing!

2. Promotion

It's vital to promote your property listing online with good photography and excellent presentation.  If your photos don't stand out among the competition, you will not get the foot traffic you're hoping for.

3. Price

Not getting any interest? Sometimes a price reduction isn't necessary if you simply correct the first two important factors in selling a home:  Presentation and Promotion!

4. Place

Obviously you can't change the location of your home, but you should be aware that where your home is located will affect the price. Try to highlight your neighborhood and walkability. If the location is a downside, the first 3 factors will be even more important to get right!

At Boston Modern Staging & Design, we can help with getting your property in tip-top shape so you can sell fast, and for top dollar! Contact us for a free estimate.

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