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The Top Home Design Trends of 2020

With 2019 leaning towards a more modern approach to home design, 2020 takes a step back, with homeowners and interior designers opting for a more classic and traditional design style. People want to bring warmness back into their homes.

Mariel Clark, Vice President of Digital Video and Editorial at HGTV says, "In terms of colors, rich woods and even finishes like brass opposed to nickel, we see warmer tones coming back."

Here are our favorite Home Design Trends for 2020:

1. Colorful Kitchens

Out with the white kitchens and in with a splash of color! Homeowners are swapping out their all white kitchens and incorporating shades of light grays, blues, greens and earth tones instead.

Not ready to change out the white cabinets? Add in pops of wood through open shelving, doors, countertops and drawers, or add color on the lower part of your cabinetry or island.

2. Floating Vanity

Double floating vanities will be big in 2020 with homeowners. The look adds an illusion of floor space by hovering above the ground and gives the visual impression of a lighter room. This adds a clean, minimalistic look to the space and is much easier to clean.

3. Big Statements in Small Bathrooms

Choosing bold colors or patterns in your powder room will be a new trend this year. Creating that "wow-factor," such as wallpaper lined from the floor to the ceiling, is what interior designers are going for.

4. Painted Interior Doors

Painting an interior door a rich color will add warmth and character to the room. Choosing the right hardware can also help to add an artistic element.

5. European-Inspired Furniture

German and Italian influences are trending right now. Designers are embracing furniture with sloping arms of couches or no arms at all, knife-edge welts and metal legs with European silhouettes.

6. Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo flooring has been increasingly popular in new homes. The colors, shapes and combinations for terrazzo flooring are endless.

7. Earth Tones

In all rooms throughout their homes, people are choosing the chocolate browns, greens, camels, deep reds, burnt oranges and maize yellows over cooler-toned hues that have been prevalent in the past.

8. Formal Dining Areas

Although millennial buyers typically shy away from a formal dining area due to their desire for an open concept space, the "dining room" has been slowly making its way bac Houzz reports that homeowners will treat their dining rooms as the "wow" spaces they have the potential to be, with bold colors, patterns eye-catching light fixtures and artwork that may not fit anywhere else within the home.

What's your favorite trend of the new year? Are there any that you're considering giving a try?

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