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Tip Tuesday Round-Up: Home Staging & Design Tips

Every Tuesday, we share home staging & design tips on the Boston Modern Staging & Design social media pages! Connect with us here:


It's important to remove any clutter. The number one rule of home staging is decluttering your space. This involves clearing unnecessary furniture and items to make your home appear more spacious and functional. The goal is for every room to look like it has a purpose.


A messy home makes a poor first impression. Even in a seller's market, you'll likely have at least a few home showings, so you won't want to complete a full deep cleaning every time the realtor calls. It's imperative to have a property cleaned before and after it is staged. You especially want the floors to be professionally cleaned before large furniture items and area rugs are placed in a home.


It's not crucial to have to stage every room in your home. It's important to focus on these four rooms:

  1. Living Room

  2. Primary Bedroom

  3. Kitchen

  4. Dining Room

Spaces that can be difficult for buyers to picture themselves living in are important to stage as well. For example, smaller sized rooms can be staged as offices.


To make a small room appear larger, hang long curtains or drapes higher than the window height; closer to the ceiling.

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