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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Color Palette

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

There are SO many color options to choose from when decorating a space. You can go with bright and airy, bold and moody, neutral with some pops of color .... the list goes on. How do you decide which colors you want to use? How do you know which colors go together and which clash? Try these tips for choosing the perfect color palette:

Find the Largest Pattern or Color in your Current Space and Start There

If you already have large furniture, a rug or a large piece of artwork on the walls, see which colors you like from that pattern. If you're trying to decide on a wall color, determine which neutral shade will match your piece. If you don't have a starting point and are unsure, stay with neutrals and whites and add color in over time. You'll eventually see a piece of artwork or furniture that you love -- and you'll just know!

Start Vertically - From Dark to Light

Use darker colors down lower (on the floor or with low furniture), medium to light colors on the walls and with eye-level decor, and lighter colors for the ceiling. If you look outside, the ground is typically darker than the sky (during daytime, of course), with the landscape being a medium tone. You should replicate this in your living space. If you have a smaller space, however, choose a medium shade on the floor space and go lighter.

Begin with Your Main Living Areas

Start with where you'll be spending the most time -- typically your living room and entryway. Once you determine those colors, pull colors to use in other rooms in your home.

Use the Color Wheel

Analogous colors (colors next to each other on the color wheel), always work well with each other. The darker hues (blues / greens / purples) are more calming and relaxing. Choose these shades in informal spaces, such as a bedroom or bathroom. The brighter hues (yellows / reds), are more moody. Use these in spaces where you want to add a dramatic effect, such as a dining room or exercise space.

Take a Peek Into Your Closet

Most people buy clothes in colors that they like to wear or think they look good in. Your space should also be decorated in colors that flatter you! If you like a certain shade of denim, choose a sofa in a similar hue. If you like bright colored tops, such as teal or yellow, add some throw pillows or artwork in those colors.

Go Gray

Gray is a rising trend in interior design. Gray can appear either warm or cool depending on how you style it, and will pair perfectly with pastels or bolder colors such as blacks hot pink, bright yellow or kelly green.

Use the 60-30-10 Rule

Your space should be divided into 60% of a dominant color (the walls), 30% of a secondary color (your furniture), and 10% of an accent color (your accessories / decor). This will ensure the colors are balanced with just enough pop!

Also Use the Rule of Three

Limit your color palette to three colors only. Mixing in any more than that, if not done properly, could throw off your design.

Whatever colors you choose, be sure that they reflect your personality! You're the one living in the space, so do what makes you happy. If you would like a color consultation or assistance, feel free to contact us!

Tip: Search Wayfair's "Room Ideas" for some inspiration!

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