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Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

Many of us are looking forward to having time off over the Thanksgiving holiday to spend with family, friends and loved ones. Others, however, are taking on the task of hosting the celebration! Those of us that are inviting guests over will need to make sure the house is in order, guests will be comfortable, the table will be set, and a delicious meal will be served! Here are some tips for preparing to host a Thanksgiving celebration:

1. De-Clutter: Make sure your home is in tip-top shape. Store away anything you won't need, such as your child's toy basket, a pile of mail or your DVD collection, in a separate space that guests will not be entering.

2. Bathroom Toiletry Basket: You never know what guests may need while they're at your home. Avoid the potential embarrassment of them having to ask by providing a basket of essentials in your bathroom.

3. Extra Coat Rack: Its generally cold during the Thanksgiving holiday, so having an extra coat rack handy, or making space in your coat closet, will allow for guests to hang up their jackets so they don't overcrowd seating areas, or have to be placed on the floor.

4. Set Place Cards: Eliminate confusion when it's time to sit at the table by creating personalized place card holders for each guest. You can order them on Etsy, or get creative and make your own.

5. Get the Right Dish-ware: Make the transition from freezer, to oven, to table extremely easy with the Emile Henry Classic Roaster from Sur La Table. This ceramic baking dish made of clay is known for its heat-retention and thermo-shock properties.

6. Provide Extra Seating: You want to make sure all guests have a place to sit and relax. Bring in extra chairs / seating if possible and set them up in a conversational way (make sure none are awkwardly placed and guests are forced to sit alone.)

7. Serve Drinks in Insulated Glasses: Serve your guests using insulated glasses to ensure their wine or beverage stays cold!

8. Entertainment for the Kids: Do you have any children coming to your home for Thanksgiving? Be sure to have some activities ready and a special area so they stay entertained until dinner is ready. If you have an older child present, designate them to be "in-charge" and reward them with a special gift after.

9. Provide Containers for Leftovers: In case you have leftovers, buy a set of re-usable containers with lids so you can easily store food and guests can take a dish home.

The Boston Modern Staging & Design team hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving holiday weekend!

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