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Top Home Design Trends of 2022

In 2021, it was all about blending style and practicality. For 2022, however, trends are leaning towards bold color palettes and unique furniture choices.

Here are some of our favorite home design trends for 2022:

An emphasis on calming environments -- Incorporating natural elements into our homes will remain a trend passed along from 2021. A neutral color palette, mixed with hues of browns and greens, or using plants and greenery as home decor helps to create a calm environment.

70's style -- Experts are anticipating bold colors and patterns, reminiscent of the 60's & 70's. Curved or shaggy furniture pieces are also showing up in more homes.

Traditional details -- With people craving a sense of comfort and timelessness in their homes, traditional elements, such as antique pieces, crown molding and flanged furniture, are all making a comeback. For materials, natural ones will become more popular, such as marble, real wood and linens.

3D art -- Homeowners are adding whimsey, 3d art to their flat surfaces by choosing art that pops right off the wall, and can be configured in many different ways.

Mindful spaces -- People are opting for functionality over looks in many spaces in their homes. More spaces are being thoughtfully created that tie into the interests, hobbies and pleasures of the owner.

Outdoor spaces -- People are upgrading their outdoor living spaces with stylist furniture and more-intentionally designed areas to add on to the living and entertaining spaces available in the home.

What's your favorite trend of the new year? Are there any that you're considering giving a try?

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