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Updating Your Fireplace

A fireplace is often the focal point of the room. If it's in need of an upgrade, potential homebuyers will notice and it could have a negative effect on how they view the space. Whether it just needs a minor pick-me-up, or a full renovation, transforming your fireplace will add value to your property. Here are ideas for updating your fireplace:

1) Add a Mantle: Some fireplaces don't have a mantle, or the one they do have, is out-of-date. What is the overall aesthetic of your home? If it's rustic, find a warm wood tone. If it's more modern, you can even opt for a glass mantle.

2) Add a Screen: Adding a screen can often change the entire look and feel.

3) Paint it: Painting the fireplace a contrasting shade to the rest of the room will make it stand out and create a bold focal point.

4) Add Artwork: Find eye-catching artwork to hang above the fireplace. Bold colors, patterns or textures are sure to do the trick!

5) Add Paneling: Recover your existing fireplace in reclaimed wood to add style and flow with the overall aesthetic.

6) Go Dark: Painting your fireplace a dark, black or bold color, in a light, white or neutral room bring a modern sleekness.

7) Re-Stone or Re-Tile: If the fireplace has a stone or tile base or wall, update them. This may get somewhat pricy, but you'll see the ROI with doing the update.

8) Add a Platform: Raise the floor and create a platform in front of the fireplace. Adding floor level creates a display and slightly changes the floor plan so your eye is drawn to it.

9) Wall-to-Wall: Go big or go home, right? How about BOTH? Get rid of a mantle or any surroundings, and cover with the same pattern, color or texture from wall-to-wall!

10) Add Dimension: Using dimensional panels adds style and eliminates the need for a mantle or any artwork.

11) Aim High: Draw the eye up by running the fireplace all the way to the ceiling.

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