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Using Console Tables to Decorate Small Spaces

Do you have an entryway, blank wall or other small space that serves no purpose? Turn it into a Pinterest-worthy design in just a few steps! By finding the right furniture and decor pieces, you can turn a non-existent area in your home to a place that wow's you every time you walk by.

Step 1:

Find the Right Console Table. Measure your space! Find a piece that is the proper length, width and height for the area you have.

Step 2:

Use a mirror or larger piece of artwork above.. Mirrors will help the space appear larger by bouncing light from it and artwork will add a focal point. Tip: Round mirrors look amazing over a rectangular console table - it add contrast and depth!

Step 3:

Add some greenery! Having plants or flowers (real or faux) will bring in some natural elements to your design, and give off an overall vibe of freshness.

Step 4:

Add a table lamp for some extra lighting.

Step 5:

Find decor pieces that work with your home aesthetic and personality to add a bit of style to your console table space. Books, frames, vases and other small pieces will work best.

Step 6:

Add storage underneath. Find baskets that compliment the console table and place them underneath to store blankets, shoes, magazines, or anything else that can be put away when organizing.

Not sure where to start? Contact us for a quote on your project.

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