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Using Woven Nook to Refresh our Pillow Collection for the Spring Season

As the weather starts to warm up and the days get longer, many of us are starting to feel the itch to refresh our homes for the spring season. Whether it's a complete overhaul or just a few minor changes, updating your interior design can make a big difference in the way your home looks and feels. From incorporating bright, airy colors to bringing in natural elements, small updates can make your space feel light, bright, and energizing. One simple yet effective way to easily keep a space fresh and inviting as you transition into the spring season is by swapping out throw pillow covers.

Boston Modern Staging + Design prides itself on staying up-to-date with the latest trends and seasonal styles. We constantly update our inventory to reflect the newest design trends and to offer our clients the most current options. In preparation for the spring season, we've been busy curating new pieces, especially new throw pillow covers. We're all about finding inexpensive ways to refresh and enhance our supply and decor without breaking the bank, but still keep our spaces looking modern, sophisticated and timeless.

We love using Woven Nook's pillow covers to refresh pillows in our inventory. If a pillow no longer works for the warmer season, has an outdated style, wear and tear, or needs to be replaced, we make sure we have appropriate options to give a new look in a short amount of time! Woven Nook makes it easy to make the transition into spring and summer each year by offering the cover, which allows us to just swap it out using the same pillow insert. They have so many patterns and textures to fit for any styled home.

Take a peek at some of our before and afters - and some of our favorite patterns for spring:

BEFORE: Thicker textures such as velvet and fur, with deeper colors work better in the cooler winter months.

AFTER: Warm, bright colors and lighter materials, such as canvas or cotton, are better used during spring and summer.

Some of our favorite Woven Nook patterns for spring.

Spring refresh complete!

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