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What is home staging? Why is it so important? via Better Homes & Gardens

Home staging is a hot topic when it comes to selling your house—but what is it? And how can it actually help your home sale?

Better Homes & Gardens shares the importance of hiring a professional to stage your home in order to create buzz and a great first impression - which comes when a home is first listed.

"Done correctly, home staging can transform a space from outdated and lived-in to new and trendy, and if you stage your home from the start, you have a good chance of selling it quickly—and at a decent price."

Not only does the home need to be de-personalized, it needs to be up with current trends. The design and decor must remain neutral to appeal to the widest variety of buyer personalities.

Better Homes & Gardens explains that if you work with a professional staging service, a crew will come in to suggest layouts and stage main rooms of the home, including the kitchen, master bedroom, and living room.

Boston Modern Staging & Design will make sure you're involved in the entire process, and we even offer mood boards and/or concept boards for larger scale, higher-end, and luxury listings.

Still not sure if your home would benefit from staging? Ask your real estate agent! They will always give you the most honest advice to ensure your home sells. If your agent does recommend home staging, agreeing with them early on can mean a quick closing at a good price!

You can also contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.

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